Switchgear Systems

Manufacturing Relationships. Distributing Quality.

Safety. Quality. Excellence. Three values that allow PEECO to be the leading manufacture of low-voltage & medium-voltage paralleling switchgear systems, all which are offered with Metal-Clad, Metal-Enclosed, and/or Arc Resistant construction. All systems are fully assembled and tested in our facility in compliance with IEEE, ANSI, and NEC standards. Where other companies focus on standard switchgear, PEECO's main scope is in specialized switchgear that deviates from the standard cookie cutter gear. With our team of highly experienced engineering and assembly staff and our focus on specialized switchgear, we are able to manufacture premium customized switchgear & controls with a price point that trumps all others while maintaining the highest standard of quality on the market.


PEECO manufactures ANSI class metal-clad & metal-enclosed switchgear with customer satisfaction and specific project requirements being met as our number one priority. Custom designs, speed to market, and flexible choices in power and controls gives you the ability to source metal-clad Switchgear to your exact specifications or design/build plans. We offer Switchgear in a wide range of amperages and voltages up to 38kV, max.

Economical Alternitaves

If a full PDCB is not desired to house your switchgear, NEMA 3R walk in designs incorporating a maintenance aisle attached to NEMA 3R switchgear is available from PEECO. This abbreviated approach to a fully insulated PDCB is a viable option when ceiling clearance over the switchgear is not needed or when it is determined that full environmental control surrounding the switchgear is not desired or necessary. This switchgear was supplied in two pieces (one shipping split down the center) for fast and easy field assembly.

Utility Acceptance

Our metal-clad & metal-enclosed switchgear is shipped to our customers on a fast-track basis. The metering cubicles are manufactured in strict accordance with the all local utility companies and are critical to meeting acceptance by our customers for any project on a US or Global platform. PEECO specializes in meeting local utility company metering requirements including the EUSERC metering standards on the West Coast.

Flexible Options

Mild steel, stainless steel or aluminum construction; circuit breakers / switches combinations; a wide selection of circuit breakers, relays and control devices; third party certification; special sizes; NEMA 1, 4, 3r non-walk in, 3r walk in, and PDCB construction; arc vented, arc resistant, or non arc vented; seismic ratings; skid mounted; special colors, etc are just a few of the readily available options from PEECO.

Low Voltage Switchgear

Low-voltage switchgear offered for applications ranging from 200V to 600V, with specialized design to meet your precise needs.

Medium Voltage Switchgear

Premier metal-enclosed and metal-clad switchgear for indoor or outdoor applications ranging from 5kV to 38kV.

Arc-Resistant Switchgear

Arc flash medium voltage switchgear. Protecting people and equipment through a commitment to safety and quality.

25HZ Traction Rail Breakers

PEECO's Traction Rail Breakers have a unique design developed for the rail industry for traction rail breaker applications, built to exceed the standards of current breakers in the rail industry.