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PEECO, The Philadelphia Electrical Equipment Company, Inc., established in 1981, has been the premier manufacturer of Custom Switchgear Systems & Automated Controls for the past 36 years.

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PEECO’s core business is engineering and manufacturing Custom Switchgear Systems, Power Generation Control Systems under the Freedom iGear banner, and Custom Power Generation Machinery covering diesel and gas fueled generators through 50MWe. With a highly experienced team of staffed professional engineers, PEECO has been the industry leader in solving the complex control problems and improving existing power generation systems with the latest technology controls and is constantly meeting the demands and challenges around the world.

Safety. Quality. Excellence. Three values that allow PEECO to be the leading manufacture of low-voltage & medium-voltage paralleling switchgear systems, all which are offered with Metal-Clad, Metal-Enclosed, and/or Arc Resistant construction. All systems are fully assembled and tested in our facility in compliance with IEC, IEEE, ANSI, and NEC standards. PEECO is a ISO 9001:2008 registered and UL listed company/manufacturer.

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