Clean Energy Solutions

Wind • Solar • Cogeneration

The coming decade’s project dramatic increase in energy consumption and a high risk of climate change. This requires a massive global response based on technological innovation and power of the marketplace. We believe in change, and take it upon ourselves to assist the transition to a cleaner energy future.

Our commitment is to help our partners and clients design and implement Clean Energy Technologies for their project needs.

The economics of sustainable clean energy-efficient programs are ultimately based on capturing the value of waste and improving the value of properties in a commercial world. If it is a landfill or a photovoltaic system, a synchronous or induction generator, wind turbine or reciprocating CHP, PEECO has done it.

We have worked with local governments, universities, utility companies, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, processing plants, airports, industrial and commercial facilities, to design and assist early implementation of comprehensive energy efficient, and clean energy initiatives promising significant reductions in carbon footprints, electricity demands, and energy use across all sectors.

For superior insights and analysis of emerging renewable energy sources, technologies and future growth prospects, you can rely on PEECO.

U.S. Air Force - A wind turbine generator, towering more than 110 feet tall with 44 foot long blades. Installed at the Tin City Long-Range Radar Station near Tin City, Alaska. An induction/synchronous generator integration. This generator will augment the existing diesel-fuelled power system at the site.

Longwood Gardens - 1.2 MW solar PV energy system is one of the largest examples of clean, emission-free energy in the region. The implementation of this system has reduced Longwood’s annual carbon dioxide emissions by 1,367 tons.

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