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Helping clients make decisions that lead to sustainable plans, management practices and investments in infrastructure, resources and operations.

PEECO provides engineering and consulting services for the installation, upgrades, and retrofits of electrical equipment, substations, distribution systems and more. Our knowledge and experience in the Power Control Industry have allowed us to guide companies to a smooth and practical solution. From the concept to construction to debugging a long forgotten system, PEECO's Registered Professional Engineers have been consultants to the "Experts" for over 35 years.

Our goal is to provide individual customized solutions to our clients' at reasonable rates. Our team of Professional Engineers, Designers, Technicians, and Support Staff have extensive knowledge and experience within the power generation industry, servicing utilities, industrial and commercial facilities, government agencies, hospitals, colleges, and universities.

Whatever the situation, PEECO's seasoned team can help target your power generation needs and offer rapid, effective solutions. We also deliver turnkey projects - with new or reconditioned equipment - that meets or will meet your precise needs and provide optimal results.


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