Integration & Retrofit

PEECO offers you the unique know-how and flexibility to tailor a retrofit solution to your specific needs.

Faced with aging or underrated equipment and an increase of maintenance and repair costs, owners and operators of Power generation equipment have to invest in replacement or refurbishment of existing systems to support an acceptable level of reliability and safety. A customized retrofit maximizes the re-use of existing equipment and is therefore more economical than a complete new installation.

PEECO specializes in upgrading and/or retrofitting existing gear line-ups for situations where the control systems are in disrepair and/or the parts are no longer available. Often the structures and circuit breakers in the gear are in good shape but the controls are no longer reliable and cannot control the system at the required level. Why incur the cost of installing a completely new system when you can upgrade just your control components?

As an experienced manufacturer of specialty switchgear and engineered control systems, PEECO is in a unique position to provide custom retrofit solutions that extend the service life of your aging assets through cost-efficient and time-saving refurbishment or upgrades to your existing facilities.

We design and manufacture equipment to meet UL489, UL891, UL1066, and UL1558 standards. Our systems are based on the client’s preferences, specifications, and requirements. We can design our systems to work with steam or combustion turbines, gas reciprocating engines, diesel reciprocating engines, or any combination of the above equipment. PEECO can also design systems which provide for the integration of equipment into combined heat and power (CHP).


For more information on a cost effective refurbishment of  your existing systems contact PEECO today.

Retrofit Advantages:

Less overall maintenance
Reduced down-time
Increased personnel & equipment safety
Customized to your requirements
Improved return-on-investment

Retrofit made easy

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