Load Bank Rentals

Maximize productivity and prevent the risk of costly power failures.

Philadelphia Electrical Equipment Company (PEECO) has for rent a 2000KW/2500 KVA mobile load bank system. This package, we believe, is something that no other supplier currently has in its mobility and application at an unbeatable cost for daily, weekly or monthly rental.  This package is being offered out to Genset suppliers, contractors, rental companies, and PEECO customers and is the result of design application by a company in the industry. Transformer, transportation, and cables are included along with a staff professional engineers to assist you if need be.


What are Load banks?

Load banks are primarily used for testing electrical power output on diesel generators, gas turbines and UPS systems whilst carrying out commissioning and maintenance work. The load banks are used for simulating real electrical loads enabling essential setup and commissioning which ensures that all electrical and control parameters are met prior to power generation/back up equipment being energized on line.

Load Bank Testing

The reliability and practicality of load banks for power and voltage testing can ensure your power system performs correctly and prevents the future risk of costly power failures. Plus, we don’t just rent equipment, all aspects of the project, including design and operation are handled by our team of dedicated specialists. We provide full loadtest documentation for quality auditing purposes.

From testing lower power factor simulation, frequency converters or full electrical system integration, to commissioning newly installed turbine or diesel generators and performing maintenance testing on equipment, PEECO's mobile load bank system will help ensure your projects are on target.

Interested In Renting?

PEECO will observe and certify testing if requested by a registered professional engineer if required for your application. Call for a quote or to discuss your application with PEECO Engineers. Contact Nicholas DeLuca at 484-840-0860 ext.23 or [email protected]


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