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Even if you're starting with a blank sheet of paper or your own design concept, PEECO offers complete turnkey solutions utilizing the latest technologies while maintaining the highest industry standards.

A customized turnkey solution can incorporate a variety of power generation methods, switchgear and generator controls, and implementation services including all civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering work, to meet your specific needs.

"We are delighted that gas from the Pioneer Crossing Landfill is now being put to productive use. With rising energy costs, it's especially pleasing that the GreenGas solution provides a new source of clean energy, while cutting greenhouse gas emissions and enhancing the safety at our landfill."

Joseph P. Mascaro III

Director of Environmental Compliance, Pioneer Crossing Landfill

Pioneer Crossing Landfill Birdsboro, Pennsylvania

Turnkey construction and installation of a 6.4 MW Landfill Gas to Energy for GreenGas America, Inc.

The GreenGas Pioneer Crossing Energy project has a 6.4 megawatt capacity power facility and the current operating permits allow an estimated 50 million kilowatt-hours of renewable energy to be generated annually.

The project uses gas from the Pioneer Crossing Landfill, which would normally be lost through flaring, to produce a reliable source of clean energy, to benefit the local community, the environment and the landfill owners.


∴ 69kV Substation

∴ All Switchgear and generator controls

∴ All civil, mechanical, and electrical work, including

   project management and supervision

∴ Start up services

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To deliver reliable power,

                                   you need a reliable partner.

 Phase I Design/Engineering/Supply & Turnkey 10.4 MWe Simple Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant for Regulated Utility in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.
TDX North Slope Generating, Inc.

Phase I Design/Engineering/Supply & Turnkey 10.4 MWe Simple Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant for Regulated Utility in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.

"We(TDX North Slope Generating) needed reliable power fast and a controllable distribution system to supply our new customers. PEECO was there and handled both requirements prior to the winter demand. A new building with two new turbines and an upgraded distribution system with three new feeders and a fiber optic based communication system. They handled everything."

Bruce Levy

President, TDX North Slope Generating, Inc.

TDX North Slope Generating, Inc. Prudohe Bay, Alaska

Installation of Turbine Power Plant

Prudhoe Bay, Alaska is the largest oil field in North America and produces approximately 1/5 of the US oil consumption. The support epicenter of the oil fields is the industrial community of Deadhorse and the location of TDX North Slope Generating, Inc.

Over the past years, Prudhoe Bay experienced explosive growth with large infrastructure improvements. Power growth has also increased 30% on average each year for the past several years compromising the utilities reserve capacity and stressing the 15 kV underground distribution system.

In order to meet the demands PEECO designed a new power plant on the North side of the community. PEECO supplied and installed (2) 5.2 MWe Solar natural gas fuel gas turbine generator sets and also made significant improvements to both the North and South plants to improve reliability, efficiency and communications between the two plants.

PEECO supplied and installed the following equipment:
• 1 x 3,000 approx. sq./ft. Arctic Hardened Powerhouse (North Plant)
• 2 x 5.2 MWe Solar Gas Turbines Generating at 12,470 volt (North Plant)
• PEECO Freedom iGear Paralleling Control & Monitor System (North & South Plants)
• Gas Turbine preheat fuel system (North Plant Gas Turbines)
• 1 x 300 kW Blackstart Emergency Diesel Generator (North Plant)
• 1 x 450 kW Blackstart Emergency Natural Gas Generator (South Plant)
• 1 x 15 kV 1200 amp Buss Tie Breaker (North Plant)
• 1 x 5 kV 1200 amp Buss Tie Breaker (South Plant)
• 1 x 5 Mva 15 kV Station Transformer (South Plant)
• 2 x 15 kV 200 amp Outdoor Pad Mount Sectionalizing Switchgear Cabinets
• 13 miles 15 kV 2/0 Multi- Conductor Armored Under Ground Cable

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